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A very intense form of music and/or dance created by The Corsetts they own/rock/will kick your ass if you're not cool and still try to master Polka Hardcore. Polka Hardcore is only for hardcore kids, not teeny boppers, posers, gangstas, scene/emo kids or pot heads/coke fiends. Polka Hardcore requires massive amounts of training sometimes 20 hours a day and heavy cash donations to the creators The Corsetts or else they'll own you. Ninjas are naturally Polka Hardcore masters.
"I'm giving all my money to The Corsetts because Polka Hardcore is better than having a house."

"Pfft. I'm giving up sex for Polka Hardcore because Polka Hardcore is one huge orgasm."

"I wanna be a ninja so i can Polka Hardcore."
by DivaDevin October 14, 2005

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