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2 definitions by Div_658

Wtf spelt out how its pronounced. Also, if you want to be proper gangster you could write 'double yew tee ef m8', which adds a certain ring to it.
Person 1: Are'nt you like gay or something?
Person 2: ...
Person 2: Yes V_V
by Div_658 December 06, 2005
Pronounced 'fe-mo'

A fake emo. Someone who dyes their hair black, bastes it across their face and say that they are emo. most of the time they wear tight clothes and cry about not being emo. Most people hate them because they are filthy wannabe's and have no friends. Also, they tend to listen to crap like 'Yellowcard' and light emo shit like that. As opposed to proper emo's, that listen to screamo and heavy emo.
1) Femo: Hiya, I get off with other boys and cut myself, how are you?
Cool person 1: Listen you. Fuck off.
Cool person 2: Pfft, fucking femo's. I wish they would all die.
Random black kid: Fo' sho' dawg.
by Div_658 December 06, 2005