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Phrase said as response when someone says something ridiculously pointless and lame that no one could possibly ever give a shit about.
Man 1: I wish Nickelback would come to Tuscon on their tour!
Man 2: I could be a zookeeper, but I'm not...
by Ditno September 26, 2011
A relationship along the same lines as friends with benefits, except that the male initiating the relationship pretends to have feelings for a woman just to engage in sexual intercourse with her.
Man 1: Yo, Man 2, you seen that one bitch at the shop?
Man 2: Hell yeah, I'd like to get to pre-ex status with that bitch.
by Ditno October 03, 2011
The most definite and manly form of power in the universe. Jesus Terminator is stronger than Chuck Norris combined with Cthulhu, but has a heart of pure gold. Alternatively, the phrase is used to describe macho manliness of an excessive magnitude.
Hey, dude, have you been working out? You look so Jesus Terminator today!
by Ditno May 11, 2011
The act of motivating another person through being a troll of flamer.
Man 1: Dude, did you see Tom's fake Myspace? Wasn't it hilarious!
Man 2: Hell yeah! It was trollivation at its finest!
by Ditno May 26, 2011
One who highly annoys the people around them. These people take pleasure in making others angry for no reason.

See: Bitch, Stank Ass Ho, Slut, Asshole, Troll
Person 1: Hey, I forgot my wallet at home. Do you mind paying for lunch?
Person 2: God, that's the second time you've 'forgot your wallet' in the past week. You're such a fucking Fumie.
by Ditno June 06, 2011

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