4 definitions by DisneyyyFreak

A person who watches Disney Channel a lot.
Lance : Yesterday I made from 5am till 10.30 am watching DC
Christabel : Man, you're a disneyist =O
by DisneyyyFreak July 07, 2009
Screamin' my ass of
Annie : I just saw a rat !
Hannah : Zomg =|
Annie : I'm literally smao =O
by DisneyyyFreak June 30, 2009
hannah montana obsession
Laura : I just watched a whole season of Hannah Montana
Mel : Omg you've got HMo
Laura : I Know :O
by DisneyyyFreak July 03, 2009
Ta ta for now

Mainly used on the Disney channel especially on Zack & Cody :)
A : I'm going hunny
B : Kai. Ttfn
by DisneyyyFreak June 30, 2009

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