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Kind of custom game played on MOBAs like League of Legends. The name stands for "All Random All Mid".
ARAM Rules:
-Summoner Spells Not Allowed:
-Items Not Allowed:
·Snowball Items
·Guardian Angel.
·Mid Lane Only, Not allowed to return to Summoner Circle unless dead.
·Not allowed to go into Jungle or other lanes.
·Going to far out of mid lane into fog of war is considered cheating.
Mid Lane = The lane in which Minions spawn and follow from one summoner circle to the other summoner circle. Going outside this line to far is not allowed.
Defending in Base: Once the top or bottom Tower is destroyed you may defend those inhibitors but not before the associated tower is destroyed.
Assaulting Base: You are not allowed to intentionally pull and or attack side lane minions, towers, inhibitors. They are not part of the mid lane therefor off limits.
NA servers typically allow suicide to mid minions or mid towers.
TF or Pantheon ability to teleport past live towers to suicide is not allowed.
*These are just a collection of commonly used "Standard Rules" or "Normal Rules" A host can state his specific rules before a game.

** EU WEST does not allow intentional suicide, if execution does happen the person is not allowed to purchase items.
Bob- Dude... I don't feel like playing a 5v5...
Tom- Let's play ARAM!
by Diskius April 16, 2013

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