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When you are playing on an emulator, you can do an instant save of your game, known as a savestate. After you die in said video game, you can load your savestate. When you use savestates to totally avoid death, or to cheat at the game, it is said you are savestate abusing.
Necroscope86 is a champion savestate abuser! Just watch his Let's Play of Resident Evil Director's Cut on YouTube!
by Disgruntled Bassist March 09, 2010
A heavy metal instrument
In response to the criticism they received over the Grammy for best Heavy Metal album of the year, Jethro Tull's record label took out an advertisement in Billboard magazine with a picture of a flute lying amid a pile of iron rebars and the line, "The flute is a heavy metal instrument."
Lars Ulrich was pissed
by Disgruntled Bassist September 11, 2009
A term which describes marijuana. The name comes directly from the first track on Black Sabbath's 1971 album Master of Reality entitled Sweet Leaf.

In the song (which has a very catchy riff, and may be considered some early stoner metal), Ozzy Osbourne sings of the wonders found in smoking grass.
1. Bassist: "You mates want to get stoned and play some music?"
Guitarist: "Fuckin' A. Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?"

2. Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath basically got me into stoner music.
by Disgruntled Bassist December 26, 2009
the orgasmic feelings one gets when hearing the perfect rock song hit them just right
When Eric Clapton hit that solo in Sunshine Of Your Love, I think I had a rockgasm
by Disgruntled Bassist August 19, 2009
Same Shit, Different Day, Deeper Pile
coworker 1: "Hey, mate, how you been?"
coworker 2: "Oh you know, SSDDDP"
coworker 1: "Mmmmmhhmmmmm"
coworker 2: "Well, I'm gonna go wash my crotch. I'll see you later."
coworker 1: O.O
by Disgruntled Bassist February 13, 2010

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