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A girl so nasty you have to put a bag over her head to have sex with her. No reason for the name Betty other than the two B sounds go together. Referenced in Manga-ka Santa Inoue's Tokyo Tribes.
Oh man don't be getting me Hizzy to the Seven Izzy with some Baghead Betty!
by DiscoBubba December 06, 2004
to swallow something with the consistency of a McDonalds Milkshake
Mcshnizzle my jizzle from my huge dizzle bizzle
by DiscoBubba January 19, 2004
funky way of saying to get Hooked up. Derived from Hizzy meaning Hooked and Seven Izzy meaning Seven Up.
Yo man you gotta get me Hizzy to the Seven Izzy. But not with some Baghead Betty!

Dude I got Hizzy to the Seven Izzy last night! And she wasn't a paper bagger!
by Discobubba December 06, 2004
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