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When something is wrong, screwed up, or made a mess of.

Derived from the word "Bodge" or "Bodge it up" meaning to make a mess of things.

Person 1 : Hey! That shelf isn't straight!
Person 2 : Yeah, He's right.. its well bodgitated..
Person 3 : Don't blame me! The drill was faulty!


Person 1 : Right Team, we'll charge at them and they'll be so scared they'll crap themsleves and run!
Person 2 : Man, your a dickhead. That plan will never work... It's just bodgitated...
by DiscoAndy December 23, 2007
A funny picture of a cat with a heading which normally is :

I am in your (noun), (verb-ing) your (noun)
Some Lolcats stuffs~

I am in your fridge, eating your foodz

I am in your car, stealing your keys
by DiscoAndy December 23, 2007

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