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2 definitions by Disc Golfer

The act of swerving and weaving at the same time. Usually involves cutting other people off in the process.
Common dude, we're in a hurry! If you sweave, you can make the light.
by disc golfer September 15, 2006
That place where you're between a medium buzz and all out drunk. Words are starting to slur, and coordination is slipping, but you're beer goggles aren't bad enough to the point where you'd regret it in the morning.
Guys, one more shot of whisky and I'll go from buzunk to drunk.

I have class at 9:00am tomorrow, so I can't get too hammered. But I can get buzunk.

I got buzunked last night, and I avoided the hangover this morning, it's the best of both worlds!
by Disc Golfer October 23, 2006