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The most amazing band...EVER
amazing cd....the wall...amazing movie..the wall....wish you were here...also amazing..what havent they done that is?!?!
Is There AnyBody Out There?

Mother...do you think the'll try to break my balls

Hey you out there in the cold getting lonley getting old...

we dont need no education...We dont need no thought control...no dark sarcasm in the classroom...teachers leave them kids alone..(hey teacher..leave them kids alone)all and all your just another brick in the wall (repeat 2x)

by Disa December 21, 2003
The greatest garage band ever

Zak(zach)-guitar Vocals
la la la we are the omni-presence and we are the ones who care.....

omni-presence the state of bwing everwhere at all times
by Disa January 12, 2004

to be really kool.... or amazing
That Concert was AWEXOME...
by Disa December 20, 2003
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