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The gathering place of all asians. Mysteriously it has the power to repel blacks and mexicans which is still being researched.
Tom: You better not drive anywhere near Green Hope with all the Asians driving.
Alex: Yea, but if I manage to park my car I don't even have to lock it because there isn't a mexican or black person within a 50 mile radius from here.
by Dirymexican80 December 13, 2010
an action that involves throwing rocks or other hard objects at streaking street mexicans, although any mexican will do. Considered the national sport in many European countries and the best place to participate in such events are parts of California and Arizona. The ideal rock is around 6 inches in diameter and the head is the ideal target although the balls are a popular choice. Was first started by Squire Barry from England in the 21st century
Calvin: Look at all those Mexicans hanging around McDonalds.
Max: I know this would be a great place to do a barry. Let me just find some rocks
by Dirymexican80 December 13, 2010
The most wanted criminal in North Carolina. His primary weapons are skittles and is charged with 26 skittle-related incidents. He was recently caught after doing a drive-by skittle attack on a helpless lady who will be disabled for the rest of her life. He was imprisoned in a supermax prison where he escaped using only a skittle wrapper. He was last seen in Cary armed with a packet of skittles. His catchphrase is "Experience the Rainbow!"
John: I was walking my dog in my neighborhood when I was suddenly pelted with dozens of skittles and hear someone yell "Experience the Rainbow!" I was attacked by the skittler
by Dirymexican80 December 16, 2010

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