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1 definition by DirtyWebster

Squid Face (n) Def: A person whose face is pastey and wet, flushed of color and whose eyes are glassed over usually as a result from light drinking or drug use.

Squid Face (n) Def: Someone who tells everyone how hardcore they are but get sloppy after a few beers and shots.

Squid Face (v) Def: The act of being squid faced. ex: He was so squid faced he sat there at the bar looking like a complete dipshit swaying back and forth spilling beer over himself as the waitress asked for him to pay for his hotwings.
Reed tells everyone he's a heavy drinker but when you go out for a beer he goes squid face after just two beers and is a complete fucking liability.
by DirtyWebster February 04, 2010