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A crusty substance on a mans penis after having vaginal intercourse with a woman who is menstrating and not washing his penis for several days.
John realized after a week that blood left on his penis after having sex with a menstrating woman had turned into a Crustychum
by DirtyJoshDiablo2 December 15, 2010
a foul odor on the peice of skin between the anus and the vagina of a woman after she has had both anal and vaginal intercourse.
Courtney let Josh perform both vaginal and anal sex on her, and after closer inspection, Josh realized Courtney had a stanktaint.
by DirtyJoshDiablo2 December 15, 2010
To shave your tongue to produce blood and performing oral sex on a woman
John went down on his girlfriend after shaving his tongue and called it artificial red wings.
by DirtyJoshDiablo2 December 15, 2010

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