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A newly discovered disease, most commonly found developing amongst women. A woman will develop several emotions all at once or go through each emotion in a matter of 4 minutes from dealing with a dirty ho.

Known causes:

1. Dealing with a ho.
2. Trying to understand a ho.
3. Waiting for a ho.
4. Communication with a ho.
5. Being involved with a ho.

Known Symptoms: Happy, Sadness, Agitation, Worried, Anxiety, Pissed Off, Confused, Crazy, Crying, and IDGAF.
Girl, it's just a bad case of Ho-itis.

Do you feel sad, angry, happy, crazy, or confused? Then you could be dealing with a dirty ho. Doctors suggest to dump this ho immediately before Ho-itis infects you!
by DirtyDana/Cali August 19, 2011

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