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A slang term for someone of Middle-Eastern decent ,brown skinned, and occasionally wearing a sultan hat or turban. Similar to the term Aladdin but more derogatory. Jafars have been known to smell like curry, work at 7 11s, sporting gold chains and in some instances ninja attire . Most Jafars reside in Brampton (aka Bramladesh) where they carry on their family tradition of living in squatter housing units harboring fifty plus relatives, making carpets, charming snakes and rubbing lamps.
Example 1: "If I can't wish someone 'Merry Christmas' then there is no way that a Jafar should wear a turban."
Example 2: "Man I really hate those Jafars."
Example 3: Man1: "What the hell is that guy wearing?" .. Man2: "I have no idea but god is that Jafar smelly!"
Example 4: Wife: "This new carpet I bought kinda smells like curry." .. Husband: "You must have bought it from a Jafar!"
Example 5: "Did you see how many Jafars moved in next door!"
Example 6: Daughter: "My friend Debesh wants to come over." .. Mother: "I don't want you making friends with Jafars."
by DirtShwaz June 02, 2011

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