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(noun) - A portmanteau of 'chubby' and 'cunt(o)', resulting in the formulation 'chunto'; to describe anyone of an overweight and unpleasant and/or irritating demeanour, when the term 'fat cunt' seems to tiresome to utter.
Gwendolyn: "I say, Maevis, isn't Nicholas an ignorant fellow and a little large around the edges?"

Maevis: "Yeh, 'e's a fuckin' chunto. And don't call me Maevis."
#fat #cunt #chubby #bastard #obese
by Dionysus23 April 07, 2009
noun or verb, as in "to gay add", when one homosexual uses the search filter to look for "men interested in men" and adds them purely on the basis of their youth and sexual preference; prior knowledge of the other's existence is NOT a pre-requisite.
Sally: "Hey, Marcelle, how come you have Mitch Jenkins as a friend on MySpace?"

Marchelle: "I don't know Sally. I just accepted. It was one of those gay adds."
#gay #add #social #networking #men
by Dionysus23 February 23, 2009
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