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The overproduced sequel to one of the worlds greatest games. It used to be the worst in the series, but luckily X-2 and XI were released and dethroned the pointless RPG. Why is VIII horrible?

"There must be some objective truth to the criticisms that Squall’s angst is misplaced, the supporting cast is weak, the game’s world is too “real”, and summoning, drawing, and junctioning turned gameplay into a tedious chore rather than a fun pastime."

The battle system was so in depth and really took a person who believed they were intelligent but really weren't. Allow me to explain: The battle system was not flexible in the slightest, creating a rift between new "gamerz" and those individuals who appreciate real RPG's. The best "strategy" in the game is to keep Squall dead during battles and only fight with the remaining party members. this is because the enemies level up with Squall leaving absolutely no reason to apply yourself. This is why "low level gamerz" have come to exist. If you can beat a Final Fantasy at a level under 18, your battle system is fatally flawed.

Don't want to keep Squall dead? okay, that's fine, simply transform all enemies into cards after drawing magic from them - therefore, you still don't get the experience and the enemies still never level up.

All in all, this game is for average people who want to feel as though they experienced something great, but in reality, they are weak minded and delusional.

If this game weren't labeled a Final fantasy, it may have been received as a "decent attempt at an RPG".
by Diogenes1215 April 06, 2009
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