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A sub-sub-genre of heavy metal that contains various metal bands that suck complete and total ass.

Circumstances beyond the control of those capable of rational thought have given these shit-metal bands popularity amongst the sheep and devolved beings throughout the earth.
Dude #1: Hey, what the hell are we listening to? It sounds like an antelope shitting on a tin can...

Dude #2: Oh, this is the new Metallica album, St. Anger. Metallica went with a shit-metal sound this record, I guess...
by Dio in English May 10, 2008
Drummer for shit-metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Possesses some drumming skill, but that skill is greatly diminished by one of the gayest haircuts in heavy metal history.
Dude #1: Man, their drummer's pretty good, but he has to get rid of that haircut...

Dude#2: I agree, his head looks like a three-headed dildo... kind of like The Rev...
by Dio in English May 10, 2008

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