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Someone who appears to be witty but actual steals all his material from 4Chan. They tend to use words they find from Urban Dictionary but typically expose their stupidity with pointless attacks.

Someone who pretends to be a player by constantly bragging about all the girls they bang and cheat on, and constantly talk about how they're drunk 24/7 because they think it's cool, as well as pretend to do drugs. All this is done to impress their only friends: forum posters.
Super Douche - "Perhaps if you had half a brain cell you'd be competent enough to comprehend the situation, but as it stands you lack the intelligence to properly screw in a lightbalb."

Super Douche - "lol i missed that thread because i was out all night banging chicks and drinking shots, ive got a serious hangover right now, but the drugs probably didnt help"
by Dinobot June 08, 2009

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