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Auto Erotic Barneyfication is a sexual gratification term that arose out of the underground sex party scene in Berlin, Germany in the late 1990s. It involves (generally) men who like to dress up as Barney the purple Dinosaur & engage in sexual intercourse or other related acts with one or more partners while growling like a T-Rex.
I met this guy at the Halloween Party dressed as Barney the Dinosaur & thought it was a cute costume .. until I walked into the unlocked bathroom & he had both my cousins on their knees in front of him performing BJs. It transpires this dude is a practitioner of Auto Erotic Barneyfication
by DinoLarry July 26, 2010
'Mongdar" is a portmanteau of 'Monger' & 'Radar' in same vein as Gaydar etc.
It means a heightened sense of when pay to play comes into the sexual arena.
I was hanging in the bar at this Casio in Vegas when this hottie started making eye contact across the room. I was getting excited until I spied a 12 pack of Trojans in her purse and my mongdar went off like a tranny on the Jerry Springer show.
by DinoLarry July 09, 2010
Boweller is derived from the term disembowel & describes a girl so ugly that her looks could practically rip out your guts. The expression originated in Ireland, most likely in North Dublin street slang.
We were cruising for chicks in the club but got there late so all the hotties were engaged leaving only the bowellers
by DinoLarry August 30, 2010
Visual expression of a individual performing fellatio while smoking a cigarette, the smoke coming out of the nostrils while the performers mouth is wrapped around the recipients penis.
I had such fun with Sarah at that party last night, she sparked up a marlboro & started giving me head- the sight of that smoking dragon plume was enough to make me blow my load in her mouth.
by DinoLarry July 30, 2010

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