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Dougie Poynter is the Greek-English bass player of boyband McFly.Fit and handsome enough to be compared to the band's hearthob,Danny Jones,he wouls best describe himself as a "dark horse".He comes across as being really quiet,which is nonsense, according to other band members!!Doug is into skating and admitts he took up the bass just because it has 4 strings and is therefore easier than playing a 6-stringed lead guitar!!
Speaker 1:D' ya know who plays the bass in McFly?
Speaker 2 :Oh I think it's that guy,Dougie Poynter
by Dimitra August 28, 2006
British boy band McFly are often pejoratively termed as the "Busted clones" to support an unfortunately widespread opinion that they lack talent,new music traits and innovation in their music,as they are supposedly copying Busted.it is true enough that Busted introduced Mcfly into the music scene,when mcFly went on tour with them and thus became known.From then on,detracors argue that the four boys,Tom Fletcher,Danny Jones,Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd are only going down the busted path and only allegedly play their own music and instruments,fooling people and addressing a crowd of brainwashed teen girls who fancy them for their good looks.I'm leaving the final judgement to you, but from my humble viewpoint, McFly rock!
McFly fan:OMG I can't believe it!!I saw McFly on the street 2day!
Detractor:These silly busted clones?Oh,get over it,they are just another manufactured pop group.Let's see how long the busted wanabees are gonna last...
by Dimitra August 27, 2006

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