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Remark intended to make a normal statement sexual. Some people use this against statements that couldn't be construed sexually, thus making it very annoying.
Guy 1: "You suck"
Guy 2: "That's what she said"
Guy 1: "Dude stop it"
Guy 2: "That's what she said!"
Guy 1: "That one wasn't even funny!"
Guy 2: "That's what she said!!"
Guy 1: "Dude, keep it up and I'll stab you!"
Guy 2: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!... hey wait that one actually work- *Gets punched out by Guy 1* OWWW!! That was rough!"
Guy 1: "That's what she said"
by Dimestoreman March 02, 2010
1) A writer/artist/movie director/etc. who does not give a shit about what they do, who just pumps it out to make a living, thus the work is uninspired and usually not very interesting.

2) To choke on something.

3) Sound made when someone chokes.
1) Some people consider Charles Bukowski to have been a hack. I say phooey to them.

2) Tom hacked on a peach pit.

3) "Hack! Hack! Hack!", Tom went.
by Dimestoreman December 28, 2009

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