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1. v. to go Kung-Fu Joe on so. To beat someone's ass.

2. n. Character played by Steven James in the 1988 parody of Blaxploitation films, _I'm Gonna Git You Sucka_.
Don't touch my weed, or I'll go Kung-Fu Joe on yo' ass!

"So, it's just you 57 cops against Kung Fu Joe? Master of Kung-Fu, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and all kinds of other shit you ain't never heard of!"
by Dills-Nick May 15, 2007
v. to do a James Dean - to jump from, or to fall out of a moving vehicle.
(i.e., in the manner of the actor's death in 1955)
Did you see that shit? That crack head was rolling down Gratiot and did a James Dean right out the side of the car!
by Dills-Nick May 16, 2007

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