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Another word for cock, dick, or penis.
1. I pack a huge hammer.
2. I bet my hammer is bigger than yours!
by Diggs the Mountie November 24, 2006
One who stares at another man's package while the victim is not looking.
Jamie notices Freddie gazing at his package on the way to school and says...... "Freddie what the hell are you staring at?......Fucking Meat Gazer"! (Everyone laughs hysterically)
by Diggs the Mountie November 22, 2006
1.A total and complete piece of shit.
2.Basically, a pile of wreckage that the Navy keeps wanting to fly...even though it has more Maintenance hours than Flight hours.
3 See: C-130T
Hey Dave, are you ready to go out and work on that Shit Box 164997?
by Diggs the Mountie November 23, 2006

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