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Saying fuck when you probably shouldn't.
joe: What the fuck?!
joe's mom: what was that?!
joe's brother: what happened?
me: he just dropped the f-bomb.
joe's brother: he's fucked.
by March 26, 2003
1384 195
Wanting sex from little brothers of her current mate
Kristen has a little brother fetish!
by March 26, 2003
14 10
Skrollz is the process of being wiggered out and beating women. Skrollz is also wearing the xxxxl shirts that look like moo moos, that fat ppl wear cause nothing else fits them. Skrollz is also the process of being highly entertaining and pimp slapping bitches. Skrollz can often be found saying, "does skrollz have to choke a bitch?" Skrollz is also good looking like chavez.
Wow that bitch got knocked the fuck out, all her teeth and shit are missing, that chavez guy pulled a fucken skrollz on the hoe
by January 06, 2005
5 2
Verb. To sing metal songs about people who are but mere puppets in IRC channels. - To ask the state of another person by asking a common question. IE - "How are you?".
I X13.
You X13.
He X13s.
by February 09, 2003
4 10
Ghetto White Trash - one who is white ghetto and trashy
Barbor and Jimmy are GWT.
by April 07, 2003
8 20
1) One who says snow is delicious
2) One who misses snow
Man, I'm suffering from snowalicious!
by December 27, 2003
2 24
1. A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted, as in a garden.
2. Rank growth of such plants.
A water plant, especially seaweed.
3. The leaves or stems of a plant as distinguished from the seeds: dill weed.
4. Something useless, detrimental, or worthless, especially an animal unfit for breeding.
A dandelion is a common weed
by March 26, 2003
26 57