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From the Yiddish for "below average height"
"Hey Jaslow, can you pass me that hammer from the shelf up there?" "Nope, sorry I'm too Jaslow to reach it"
by Dicktionarian March 22, 2009
1. mediocre
2. average
3. unimpressive
4. typical
5. middle management
6. mean
7. stereotypical
"Hey Seader, do you have any unusual passions or interests?"

by Dicktionarian March 22, 2009
A sneaky impish person who lives off of stolen feces. Their relentless pursuit of fecal matter deprives them of any real human contact, as such they are detested by all civilized society.
Man, that David Eckstein is a real turd burglar.
by Dicktionarian June 02, 2010
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