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The study of frigging.
She's always touching herself down there, she must major in friganomics.
by DickshuneryMan May 10, 2009
A good looking girl who talks too much and too loudly.
John: Wow, check her out Joe, she's hot!
Joe: Yeah, she's a looker but she's a friggin noisybody - can't keep her big yap shut plus I heard her from all the way outside!
by DickshuneryMan May 10, 2009
To ejaculate. The male act of ejaculation, to spurt forth of the gizzum. (Spurtforthofthegizz)
Honey, you have a headache? Maybe you need to spurtforthofthegizz?
by DickshuneryMan May 10, 2009
Any person jumping from a building a

while flapping their arms.
Chief, we got a fleaper on the water tower.
by DickshuneryMan November 15, 2014
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