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A primitive dance usually done by 2 males late at night initiated by a slur or a pretty girl. Who clench both their hands and together, and move them up and down over their face (elbows down) while jumping from side to side in front of each other. The dance rarely ends with both parties impressed with their own or their partner's performance.
Alex: Wow that girl is hot
Joe: I done seen her first!
Alex: Let us dance in the manner of fisticuffs.
Joe: Agreed!
by Dialex November 21, 2005
1.A big noisy water car, on which you travel, meet strangers, drink goon, and endure fallacious relationships in the hope of having hot sex.

2.The the thing illegal immigrants most fear.

3.A expensive space car, used for scouting cool spots to travel to in the hope that it will be used for the same purposes one day as the water car.
Alex: Hey baby! your way hot lets get drunk and have sex.
Sexy Girl: No, I don't fool around with losers.
Alex: Com'on baby we're on a Ship here!
Sexy Girl: Oh yeah, I forgot. Lets go!

Illegal immigrant: El ship! AHHHH!!! NO!
by Dialex November 20, 2005

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