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Liliana Vess is the black Planeswalker, from the new Lorwyn set. With the ability to disarm an opponent's hand, search for any card in your deck, and mass-reanimate all dead creatures to your control, she makes for a powerful new addition to the game.
there's a pretty good chance Liliana Vess is not gonna live to use her superability...
#liliana vess #liliana #vess #planeswalker #magic the gathering #black card
by Diak March 23, 2008
A powerful card from the trading card game Magic the Gathering. The Demigod of Revenge (a red/black card) was just recently released in MTG's newest set: Shadowmoor.
When played right, this card can allow for a player to deal 20 damage; a killing blow in a single turn.
Dark Ritual, Buried Alive, Dark Ritual again, cast Demigod of Revenge... good game.
#demigod of revenge #demigod #revenge #magic the gathering #shadowmoor
by Diak May 20, 2008
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