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Geoff Dolle's personal motto and life story.
Trust me. Hes been through more shit than you
Idiot: Man I broke my leg
Geoff: Fuck you! Ive been through worse!
Idiot: How?
Geoff: Man! I broke my mothafuckin collabone! Shit!
by Diagonal Dog April 29, 2009
Brolish is a language spoken by bros. All O sounds are replaced by bro. Also, the word "party" is heavily used in this language.
Bro 1: Whats broin on bro?
Bro 2: Nothin bro, lets bro somewhere today.
Bro 1: Brotally!!!
Bro 2: PARTY!!
Bro 1: PARTY!!!!!
Normal Person: Fuckin bros and their brolish...
by Diagonal Dog May 12, 2009

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