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Rowdy group of people in the Yankee Stadium bleachers. Yankee stadium actually stopped serving alcohol during the game because they were too wild. Right now their famous for doing the roll call in where they chant every Yankee player's name until the player acknowledges them.
ok guys time for the roll call
BC> Derek Jeter! clap clap clap clap clap Derek Jeter!
Jeter> these people are soo fucking anoying..(waives)
BC> YAY!.. A-Rod!! A-Rod!
by DiabolicalKingNS@aol.com August 13, 2006
The verrazano bridge connects Brooklyn to Staten Island, nicknames the Ginnie Ginnie Gang Plank, Due to something about italians.
Guy 1--Lets go to staten island!
Guy 2--Are you fucking crazy, why would you wanna go thier?
Guy 1--I gotta dump this couch at the worlds biggest landfil
Guy 2--ok lets take the Verrazano Bridge.
by DiabolicalKingNS@aol.com August 13, 2006

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