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A small city located outside of Appleton. 90% of the people that live here are city-slickers who want to move to the "country", exactly what Greenville is not. They are not in any such way FORCED to go to Hortonville High School, they can choose to go to Xavier or FVL where they belong. HHS is filled with trucks, stacks, snowmobiles, && yes, mud. But you will be blessed with your own parking stall, not having to worry about a snowmobile taking your spot because they have a designated lot for them! The Catfish Races, which are considered hick, are held here annually. Degrading Greenville to a Hortonville wanna-be. You will meet some of the nicest people who originate from Greenville but you'll know an outsider if you meet one.
People of Greenville Wisconsin, you are privileged to go to Hortonville High School, one of the best school districts in the nation.
by DiTCHTHESLICKERS April 20, 2011
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