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A bitch, hag, whore, slut, generally-bitchy-female, dressed in the most revealing, plasticly shiny clothing, and composed of no less than 86.325% make up.
"Man, Lauren is such a Plastic Bitch!"
by Dhulliath March 05, 2006
The term used for anyone who suffered a sudden transition from relatively normal/odd, to goth of any of the various subtypes.
"Andy just went Gothy McGothGoth!"
by Dhulliath December 31, 2005
A type of strategy which will cause one to horribly lose at an Infantry Defense map in Starcraft. Refers to the 'leaking' effect one gets when ones defense is insufficient for the hordes of enemies.
"Damn your Old Man Bowels, Andy! You're leaking scourges!"
by Dhulliath April 04, 2006
The short term for Plastic Bitch. Chosen to represent a Plastic Bitch's melty, obscured, and clingy behaviour when touched.
"Shit, I got this glue all over me!"
"That's pretty fucking sick."
by Dhulliath April 03, 2006
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