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The practice of not practicing anything unless it is discordianism. If that isn't it than it is something else unless it isn't in whic case it is not. To practice discordianism is to destroy it's existence unless you practice discordianism in which case you would not practice discordianism unless you were or you weren't.
Discordianism is everything. Unless it isn't.
by Devonous September 21, 2006
Discordia cannot be defined unless it can which it might be able to be. If you understand this definition than you are a discordian, unless you are not in which case you may yet be. Discordians are those who seek to create unless that is wrong in which case it could be anything but not nothing unless it is nothing.
YOU ARE WRONG (if and unless you aren't).
This Principia Discordia is a load of Horse Shit!
by Devonous September 19, 2006

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