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A man chair is the chair that men sit in while their partner is shopping for long periods of time. They can be found in almost any clothing or shoe store. What can we, as men do while our gf's or wives are shopping, we can sit in a man chair.
Honey, Ill go over here and sit in a man chair while you go shop around and meet me here when your done.
#bored #annoyed #tired #stressed #overwhelmed
by Devoniscool October 08, 2007
A Fugiggle is a big hairy green monster whos blood is made of jello and uses toothpaste as shampoo. He hops around picking on small children in local metro areas and wears no socks. There has never been an actual picture taken of this beast but it does exist i promise.
The Fugiggle is harassing the little kids!
#big #hairy #green #monster #jello
by Devoniscool August 22, 2007
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