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A borough of Uppsala in Sweden and home to mostly students.Known for high rents,wild corridor parties and the infamous flogstascream,which according to rumour has been going on since the buildings were new in the early 1970's.Some students like the Flogsta atmosphere whereas others want to move from there as quickly as possible.A lot of exchange students usually end up in Flogsta so there is exchange between cultures.
"I like Flogsta because I can scream as much as I want from the balconies or my window every single night at 10pm".
by DevoSpudboy March 23, 2007
1.Seen as many experts in motorracing as the most talented driver in Formula 1 never to win a race.Had notoriously bad luck and retired due to technical malfunctions or puncture some laps from the finish,usually while leading comfortably.Always at the right team when they were having bad seasons with uncompetitive cars.Woted 22nd best driver ever in Motorsport magazines best 100 drivers of the 20'th century.Led 850kilometers(530miles),had 5pole positions but never won.Highly regarded as driver by 3time champion Jackie Stewart.

2.A person with tremendous talent and skill with bad luck and therefore never wins any awards,prizes or recognition among the public.Usually only seen as great by experts in the area concerned.
"I feel sorry for that engineer,he is really a Chris Amon." "That band has a cult following and has great influence in the genre,but they are so Chris Amon." "That actor is the Chris Amon of Hollywood."
by DevoSpudboy March 23, 2007

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