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Gangsta word for something that's tight, cool, or hip. Originally from the french word for Roman Numeral V.
Person A: Just bought massive speakers, built a bar, set up our laser light machine and am emailing the club list as we speak to let them know it's time to get lok'ed!
Person B: Dude, this is gonna be cinq.
by Devmaster11 August 17, 2010
short for jizz fart, compound noun: a fart containing particles of jizz, typically produced after one has been on the receiving end of anal sex.
Example 1:
Person A: How come you have such good Gay-dar?
Person B: Oh, it's a gift I have: I can smell jarts.

Example 2:
-It was only when I walked in on my two roommates in the bathroom, one reading Nietzche's the Gay Science in German, the other jarting in the shower, that I realized what true love was.
by Devmaster11 August 17, 2010
Verb, to jang: To hang out actively with friends, usually involving dancing/drinking/partying, and with the purpose of both having a good time and sticking together as a group. Usually used in the context of a group of college friends hanging out in a different/foreign location.
Person A: Did you just get her text?
Person B: Dude Fuck off it's 4 am! I'm trying to get some sleep!
Person A: Dude, she's leaving tomorrow morning and wants to jang with her friends one last time before she goes. We should be there for her.
Person B: Aah you're right. I'm getting up. Let's Jang!
by Devmaster11 August 17, 2010

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