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This is when you are about to have sex with a nasty bitch and you wrap it, slap on Tabasco sauce then wrap it again. Once the bitch screams you get out because the first one busted.
That bitch was so nasty, I had to give her the Tabasco Dick!
by Devious Tuning February 11, 2009
Wedding Cake is the term used to describe the exact point at which a man can expect to losing the following:

1. Freedom
2. Sex
3. Friends
4. Manhood

At this exact point also, he will gain the following:

1. Chores
2. Celibacy
3. PMS
4. And a minivan
Dustin: "Jon I hope you know what you are getting yourself into!"

Jon: "Yeah man, everything is great."

Dustin: "I don't think you know what is in that Wedding Cake!"
by Devious Tuning February 12, 2009
This is when a guy takes a bitch home from the club to smash and the bitch ends up stay over for days instead of just a few hours.
Damn Rob, I can't believe you are inviting the Cling-on over again. How many days is she going to stay this time?
by Devious Tuning February 11, 2009
A.K.A. A man's wedding band

These are usually placed on a man that for some reason feels that he would like to have his freedom takin from him.
Dustin: "Hey Jon, you want to go out with us tonight?"

Jon: "Naw man, I can't!" (Holding up his left hand)

Dustin: "Aw, I see! The Ring of Death has taken control and got you by your balls!"
by Devious Tuning February 12, 2009
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