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the creamy white stuff that when you bend over in the shower it gets shot in your ass
oh boy today james plugged my ass with semen i wont shit for weeks
by Devin Demaine April 22, 2004
a penis that a whore like brittany breveke would use as a straw to get the cream filling
wow she is sucking that down her throat good, what a deep throat
by Devin Demaine April 22, 2004
An expression refering to people who wear cut offs that think that there buff but really arent....douchebags. A word thought up by the late jon einarson
mostly rednecks in wife beaters, virgin gunshow
by Devin Demaine September 13, 2009
those tits on that fat kid named duane in your class that is fat and has nipples the size of pepperonis
o my God those bitchtits are going to fucking eat us
by Devin Demaine April 22, 2004

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