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The revolution that will bring about the end of all things dotcom.
Remember when the web was wide and free? Well it will be again.
by devin davidson June 16, 2003
An all around inferior person that latches onto a hull and follows them around, doing odd jobs, hoping to be thought of as cooler because of their association with their hull.
1. Chris Cojocar
2. Adam Heis
3. cujobyte23
4. Johnny D
by Devin Davidson July 19, 2004
n. A hooded sweatshirt. Some bunny hugs have zippers, but most do not.

A regional variance on Hoodie, specificly Saskatchewan, Canada.
It was cold outside, so before putting on my jacket I slipped into my bunny hug.
by Devin Davidson May 29, 2003
verb - "to obtain something that is unusually great or unexpected"
noun - "something unusually great or unexpected"
"With all the holiday shoppers, I can't believe that I mised a front row parking space!"
by Devin Davidson May 29, 2003
n. Snoop Dog's favority means of finding the online bizatches.
Hey, let's goozle up some of boobies.
by Devin Davidson May 29, 2003
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