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Once the centerfielder and face of the greatest team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox. Now an overpaid, clean shaven sellout playing for the New York Yankees.
I can't believe Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees.

Yeah, he even cut his hair too. What a sellout.
#johnny #damon #red sox #sellout #yankees
by Devin"The Balls"McDermott January 02, 2006
The sudden overthrow of a government by a large group of cows. A troublesome issue in places like Wisconsin, where there are more cows than humans.
Farmer 1: What are all those cows doing running towards us like that?

Farmer 2: Oh my god! It's a moo d'etat!

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Get to the chopper!
#moo detat #moo #coup d'etat #cow #etat
by Devin"The Balls"McDermott January 08, 2006
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