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2 definitions by Devildog721

adj. the term Bafugly is used to discribe a realy ugly person (butt fucking ugly).
Another word for Swamp Donkey; meaning disturbingly ugly.
A person that should wear a paper bag over thier heads before walking outside.
Oh my god, did you see that girl she is bafugly.
My dog ran away when he saw your momma she is so bafugly.
Dude how could you date that swapm donkey, not even the bravest wing man would touch that.
by Devildog721 October 08, 2007
5 3
A white person that dresses the same way they see 99% of black people dress but act a fool and try to act cool. A wanna be "nigga" A black persons way of calling a white person a nigger.
"Yo my nigga look at that white boy wigga."
"that wigga sounds stupid as hell trying to act black"
"fu** you damn wigga!
by Devildog721 September 24, 2007
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