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4 definitions by Deven Young

Another way of saying "oh, snap!", "awesome!", or "sweet!"
Jeff: Did you see the game last night man?!
Dave: yea it was mad crazy!
by Deven Young September 04, 2005
Short for saying downloaded. Can be used in real life, but is more common to instant messaging.
dude101: Hey man! that movie was so awesome! As soon as I got home last night I dl'ed it!

dude2005: mad crazy! send the file to me!
by Deven Young September 04, 2005
Short for holy fucking shit. It is used widely among gamers and was started by a Deven in Mifflinville Pennsylvania. It is used in cases where you are very excited or taken back by something
"HFS! Did you see that shot. I can't believe that. I am the king!"
by Deven Young May 09, 2005
Used many times in place of profanity. Started by a small group of friends in Bloomsburg, PA. It can often be used to replace any word.
You son of Fritz!
Quit being such a Fritz!
Stop Fritzing around and help me!
by Deven Young May 09, 2005