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Big negro, big gun. The description of an assailant, usually by a white victim.
On the Middle Ground episode of "The Wire", a victim who survived a gang hit describes the assailant as a big black guy with a big gun. The police look at each other, say BNBG and laugh.
#gun #negro #victim #big #police
by Devans00 December 03, 2006
Right from the heart. Often used to describe an unexpectedly sincere, touching moment. Can produce warm, fuzzy, feel good, emotions and/or a smile in the toughest, coldest people.
Even though the girls had been fighting, the make-up gift was RFTH.
#warm fuzzy #emotion #glow #love #touching #sincere #joy #share #smile #sigh
by Devans00 October 11, 2006
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