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5 definitions by Devan Benoit

a variation of bullshit, but 3x worse
oh bullfuck were surrounded
by Devan Benoit May 11, 2006
to put someone in a headlock and then take a sharp, pointy object and push it into the groove at the back of their lower neck
that guy gives good squedees. they hurt like shit.
by Devan Benoit May 11, 2006
A guy who is known to have gas and/or have to take a crap alot
person 1: damn who farted!
person 2: who do u think its the biohazard dude
by Devan Benoit September 17, 2006
Male: straight, likes porn and sex, is normally lazy and hates his family
Female: a fat slut who feeds off mcdonalds and guys cocks
i know hes a lumpus, but its not my fault
by Devan Benoit May 11, 2006
one who is overly eager to do something
person 1: when we burnin down the school!
person 2: Chill zealot. the boss aint here yet. you know the rules
by Devan Benoit May 11, 2006