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One of the four "Natural Sciences" (The others being Maths , Physics and Biology) . Taugt at secondary school , highschool and university.
Firstly taught at 7th grade ( sometime 8th) , chemistry at this level is the study of mole , mass , principles of mass conversion , solutions and compound identification .
Chemistry in highschool mainly focuses on two aspects : Inorganic (10th and 11th Grade) and Organic Chemistry(11th and 12Th grade) .According to students it's one of the most boring subjects ever to have enslaved humanity . Still it's better and more interesting than History , Maths and Physics - The three shits of apocalypse .

After entering college , freshmen often find themselves trapped in the overwhelming matrix of chemistry , cuz there are 5 branches of chemical studies in college and they piss them off. They are:

Inorganic Chemistry : The study of compounds which are non-related to carbon. Nerds love this.
Organic Chemistry : It's fucking complicated but very interesting . Closely related to biology .
Biochemistry : The best subject in college after World of Warcraft .
Analytical Chemistry : The study of analyzing reactions , the bastard child of Maths and Physics .Who gives a fuck about this shit ?
Physical chemistry : Satan himself .

Conclusion : fucking hard , but still better than Maths , Physics , History and Philosy - The new 4 shits of the grand apocalypse .
Matt the nerd : We're havin' Analytical , physical and Organic chemistry today !!!
Bob the fail : FUCK !!!!!
by DevaDH1994 January 17, 2010

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