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Peter Tosh, of Bob Marley & the Wailers, wrote a song called Downpressor Man. It's about the fact that the elites who have oppressed and exploited people and nature throughout history will have to suffer the consequences of their actions. In the end we reap what we sow and there is no where to run to...

To call someone a downpressor man is to remind them that they are connected to the rest of the world and will suffer with it.
Don't be a downpressor man. Money is just paper. It's just money. Don't sell your soul.
by Deva Ariza December 23, 2006
Indo-European, Sanskrit word for God, originally thought of as feminine. The modern word Goddess has changed connotations to represent a lesser form of divinity. Deva had the meaning we typically think of as the word God today, however God was thought to be the Great Mother.

In Buddhism Deva's are highly evolved beings who inhabit different levels of existence. Deva's are commonly associated with great beauty and bliss.

Modern New Age versions of Deva's are thought of similarly to angels, nature spirits, or fairies.

Pronounced Day-va.
Deva gave life to all things.
by Deva Ariza December 23, 2006
The idea that women shouldn't be associated with all the heinous atrocities George W. Bush has comitted despite the unfortunate shared name.
Person 1:"Do you think Bush will cause the end of the world?"
Person 2: "I don't know. Not my bush."
by Deva Ariza December 23, 2006
N. A person who can't get enough words.
Some bibliophiles are word sluts, but not all word sluts are bibliophiles.

"That word slut is always looking for a new word."
by Deva Ariza December 23, 2006
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