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Aggressive (often drunken) sex characterized by the sound of bodies slapping together, a general lack of traditional tender romance, and licentious screams of "oh baby" and "do you like that" and "fuck me harder, sergeant!"

Or what we did in Chris's bathroom and living room after he told us not to.
"Now don't you two do any scrogging in my house"
by deutschbag99 December 09, 2013
It has everything on it! While a woman is on her period, have sex with her whilst adding vomit, snot, feces, spit, and urine to her chesticles. Top it off by pulling out and titty fucking her to add blood and semen to the mix.
If she really wants to prove her love, she'll let me perform the Chicago Hotdog.
by deutschbag99 December 09, 2013
Fake German word meaning the taint, grundle, or fleshy fun bridge.
If I don't take a shower immediately after running, my schwaf takes on a pungent nutty aroma.
by Deutschbag99 December 09, 2013

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