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1. While a woman has her period, bleeding, a partner "goes down" on her, and sips on her vaginal juices, whatever they may be at the time.
"Three apple teenies later on a hot night in mexico, and you'll do anything. Hell, i even had a russian slurpee... What a mess."
#period #vagina #bleeding #vampirism #juices
by Detroyt July 06, 2008
1. When a male grabs his genitals in a five on three choke hold.
2. Flashing ones genitals to a passer-by while grasping them firmly yelling "LAMBERGUESA"
"Yo man, you saw my nuts you faggot! I could lamberguesa you all day son! It looks like a division sign doesn't it, or maybe even a hamburger."
#genitals #five on three #yelling #lamberguesa #passer-by
by Detroyt July 06, 2008
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