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A rather mysterious class of magic-user, the Wielder uses a combination of spiritual magic and enchanter magics. The Wielder transforms magical energy into a kind of anommoly, as a weapon or an energy being. The Wielder is gifted at creating energy anomolies such as fire-beings and energy spiders.
The Wielder was cornered, along with a couple thousand of his most recent creations.
by Detranova August 04, 2003
A highly powerful civilian use rifle that is also preferred by many military snipers. It has lengendary range and power, as well as two versions: a semi-auto that carries a three-round magzine, and a bolt action variety that carries five rounds.
This sweet .30-6 is useful for hunting deer and terrorists.
by Detranova July 29, 2003
The mercenary is a professional wrrior, who is often hired as a skilled defender or fighter. Mercenaries go out to the highest bidder, and lack any sense of honor, but they are very skilled at fighting, often relying upon their cache of dirty tricks to defeat an opponent. Mercenaries are not very trustworthy, and often will switch alliances in the midst of a battle.
Mercenaries swept across the land, only to be rehired by those once their enemies.
by Detranova August 11, 2003
The Psychic-Warrior is a Psion who leaves the path of normal Psions, and goes to pursue other ways. The Psychic-Warrior has the powers of all the other classes of Psions, but is less skillful at his powers. Instead, he combines his limited power with lethal fighting techniques, and uses his psionic powers to increase his physical strength and stamina, as well as cushioning falls and blows, and predicting an enemy's actions.
The Psychic-Warrior is never trapped; he just needs to make a new exit.
by Detranova August 04, 2003
As a class, the enchanters are rather weak themselves, for they are unable to create powerful energy blasts or summon up helper creatures, but they are essential to the success of a group. They are learned, instead, in the art of enchanting beings or objects, and making them more powerful, more lucky, etc.
The summoner made the Lathrocanth, the Enchanter made it deadlier.
by Detranova August 04, 2003
An energy being often associated with demons or gods. It is highly volatile, and capable of generating powerful elctrical currents. It is not known what type of creature it is, but it seems to be another N-th dimensional being. It is able to completely erase, reverse, or manipulate time as it so desires. Thus, it has the powerful to change anything and destroy the "Andrew" ego-based creatures that seem populate high-schools all over the world.
Only what I say shall be, and for that is what I say.
by detranova December 01, 2003
A cyborg composed of adamantium and other metals, it runs soley upon the force of pure evil. It is an enemy of the George Mossessian and Detranova creatures, and is capable of sending high-pitched blasts of sound through concrete walls.
I can compare it to the Ethodemon, the Tessier, and the Roadman.
by detranova December 02, 2003

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